F1b Pomskies

These beautiful puppies are ready for their new owners to discover them! Interested in being one of their new owners let us know by filling out an application. Shipping is available for all the puppies no matter the distance. 
Click on the photos to discover more about each of these playful puppies. 

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Steps to OWN a Roy Ranch POMSKY

Step ONE:

Read through information about the breed. We have put together a page on our website that will help you be more knowledgeable about the pomsky breed. 

Step TWO:

Fill out a puppy application! This application does not require any money down to fill out. It lets us know that you seriously interested and want one of our puppies.


If there is a puppy you want and he or she is not 8 weeks we ask you to put down a $500 deposit that will go towards your total cost of the puppy and guarantees you get the puppy you want. 


Step FOUR:

If you are not within driving distances to the ranch do not worry! Roy Ranch is willing to do whatever it takes to assist you in beginning your pomsky journey. Roy Ranch with SHIP to the nearest location to your area. Buyer is required to cover ship fees.

Step FIVE:

Once you have paid us for the puppy, filled out the puppy application, and signed the sales contract as well as completed the vet check by your local vet once you have your puppy. Your new journey of adding a pomsky to your family has begun. 



If you have any question please give us a call.


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