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About us


The Roy family has a long history of horse breeding and animal husbandry. George Roy owned a Percheron Stallion that he leased out to breed across the state of Nebraska and parts of Wyoming. Truly a connoisseur of the times. Lawrence was Georges's son who then started a grade A dairy and was the inspiration for Donald to make his own mark.


 Donald and Dena Roy got married in 1990 and moved to Scotia, Nebraska to start their family. They had three daughters, Mercedes, Shantelle, and Katriona. Mercedes married Travis Hargreaves in 2013 and they have three beautiful children; Kierra, Daryn, and Emery. They are currently located in Minnesota, where Travis works as a Nurse Anestigioloist and Mercedes is a Neonatal Nurse who just took on the challenge of a SAHM. Shantelle resides in Kansas with her husband Alexander Mendoza. You will find them on the road working for Vytelle as a bovine IVF Embryologist and OPU Veterinarian. Katriona married Cole Koenig in 2020. They are now working in Wayne, Nebraska as a John Deere Recruiting Coordinator and Koenig Enterprises Agronomist. Even though the family is spread out, they work together tirelessly to ensure the productivity and success of Roy Ranch. Each person has their role and plays an incremental part in this family-operated business. 


The ranch is located on the outskirts of Scotia and they take great pride in their work. Donald started working in the 90s for Hooker Bros, while Dena worked as a cosmetologist. In 1997 Donald started his own construction business, known as Ironhorse Construction. They also started their own commercial and registered herd of black Angus cattle during this time. As the years progressed they became large pillars in the community serving on the school board, village board, as well as the fire and rescue squads. In 2012 they started to build their AQHA registered herd of broodmares. This was in memory of Lawrence Roy who had a great love for the equine species. They have many different bloodlines going towards, cutting, reining, and roping. Check out our stock as they go back to Peppy San Badger, High Brow Cat, Zan Par Bar, and Topsail Whiz.


In 2016, Donald and Dena started raising pomskies. Their love for the husky breed began when they rescued Cisco from a local Humane Society. Their passion and love for the pomsky breed grew exponentially as they dove deeper into the world of canines. They started as foundation breeders, primarily breeding F1, or 1st generation pomskies. As the years have progressed they now offer F1, F2, F1b, and multigenerational pomskies. They are continually progressing their bloodlines and genetics to not only produce a conformationally correct dog but a well-balanced family member. 

Our Family

Donald Roy


Dena Roy



Shantelle Mendoza
Barn Manager, Trainer, Sales

Katriona Koenig

Photographer and Marketing

Travis and Mercedes Hargreaves

Ranch Assistants

Kierra Hargreaves

Personal Puppy Handler

Daryn Hargreaves

Personal Puppy Handler

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