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The Roy family has a long history of horse breeding and animal husbandry. George Roy owned a Percheron Stallion that he leased out to breed across the state of Nebraska and parts of Wyoming. Truly a connoisseur of the times. Lawrence,was Georges son who then started a grade A dairy and was the inspiration for Donald to makes his own mark.



The Pomsky designer breed is a very popular breed in high demand. Pomskies are a cross between a Pomeranian and Husky. The offspring carry traits of both breeds and create a best of both worlds situation. We absolutely love the individualism and qualities in which the pomsky breed carries. 

Please visit our Pomsky breed information page to learn more!  

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Welcome to
Roy Ranch

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"The pups are well taking care of. They are always available to answer questions. Very kind and very nice. I will get all my pomskies at Roy Ranch."
- Pam Krause
"Welcome to the family Angel, another Pomsky from Roy Ranch. Thank you guys for bringing so much joy into my life with your dogs."
- Reed Sperling
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"We found our little Togo at Roy Ranch. He's the sweetest and snuggliest little pup. He has such a great personality. Our family is completely in love!"
- Katie Masilko

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Scotia, NE 68875

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