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The Roy family has a long history of horse breeding and animal husbandry. George Roy owned a Percheron Stallion that he leased out to breed across the state of Nebraska and parts of Wyoming. Truly a connoisseur of the times. Lawrence,was Georges son who then started a grade A dairy and was the inspiration for Donald to makes his own mark.



The Pomsky designer breed is a very popular breed in high demand. Pomskies are a cross between a Pomeranian and Husky. The offspring carry traits of both breeds and create a best of both worlds situation. We absolutely love the individualism and qualities in which the pomsky breed carries. 

Please visit our Pomsky breed information page to learn more!  

Quarter Horses

All of our offspring have very quiet dispositions and are extremely easy to train. We imprint all of the foals on our ranch. This was a method created by Robert Miller to create level headed foals from the moment they are born. They are well socialized, can pick up all 4 feet, yield to pressures, and are desensitized to a number of different materials all in the first few hours after birth. 

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Roy Ranch is located right north of Scotia, Nebraska and allows our animals to be well socialized while having the ability to play and roam with plenty of room. We enjoy being able to connect animals to loving homes. We strive to breed quality animals that will perform well in their adult lives. Our goal is to breed quarter horses and pomskies that will impact their industry in the most positive manner.

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