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International Pomskies Asscoation Q&A

The following information is what we at Roy Ranch had to answer before becoming International Pomsky Asscoiation members. 

1. What is the minimum age you will breed a female? What is the minimum age you will breed a male?

The minimum age at which we will breed one of our husky females is two years old. Until a dog is two, their cycles are not fully synced with their hormones even though they are sexually mature by 6-12 months. This is not only safer for the female to be fully grown to support the fetuses, but to ensure the quality of health and genetic bloodline of the female. Our females will hit the maximum breeding age of 8 and then be put into a blissful retirement. However, we also understand that some females will show complications before then. The maximum breeding age of our females is case specific, as they will show signs when they are ready for retirement. Our females will be bred twice a year, however, this does not mean that they will conceive twice a year. Conception rates are low for pomskies as it is not natural insemination. However, we will be switching to a transcervical insemination process using an endoscope once we have our first litter of puppies. This eases the breeding process and increases the conception rate to 89%. 

The minimum age that we will breed a male is a year old. Male Pomeranians are sexually mature at 6 months. However, to prove the quality of the sire, it is essential to wait and ensure correctness and positive traits that will express themselves genetically in the puppies.

2. What kind of health guarantee do you offer?


We strive to breed our pomskies for quality and not quantity. Therefore, we offer 1-year health and genetic guarantee. This is to protect our puppies and their owners against any type of negative and unfortunate situation. We work diligently with our veterinarian to ensure the health and quality of offspring that leave the ranch. Other guarantees that come along with the puppy is, lifetime breeder support, encouraged communication and updates with the adoptive owners, as well as tips and tricks to ensure that their pomsky is at its best. 

3. What kind of health screening do you do on your breeding dogs?


Health screening is very essential in breeding any animal. You are selecting for the very best traits within the bloodlines to ensure the very best offspring. Our breeding dogs are set through a series of checks before they are added to our program. They must clear a health certificate, as well as, a detailed examination done by our veterinarian. Certain points that are checked for are diseases, genetically inherited diseases or illness, and structural correctness. We also know that some genetic variation in polygenic animals could potentially occur after the age of 1. Therefore, we deem it necessary to have our dogs examined and screened once a year. This ensures the quality of the genetics and health of our breeding dogs. 

4. How do you screen new owners of your puppies?


New owners are screened through a series of questions that they fill ours before being put on the waiting list or have the option to buy one of our puppies. This is done to secure a safe and proper home for our puppies. 

Questions include: 


  •   What color and gender of pomsky are you interested in?

  •  What type of home do you own/rent?

  • What type of history do you have with owning a dog?

  • Are you aware of the qualifications and traits of the breed?

  •  Is the puppy going into a breeding program or companion pet home? 


The new owners will then fill out their name, email address, phone number and a brief description about themselves. We will then analyze the applications and approve new homes if they complete the proper qualifications. 


5. What health problems are you aware of in Siberian Huskies, Pomeranians, and Pomskies?


The health problems that we are aware of in Pomeranians include obesity, teeth and gum problems, hypoglycemia, eye problems (entropion), and tracheal collapse. 

The health problems that we are aware of in Siberian Huskies include hip dysplasia, cataracts, corneal dystrophy and glaucoma. 

The health problems in a pomsky are not yet conclusive. Due to the fact that they are a relatively new designer breed, we are still on the verge of learning about their genetics and health concerns as a breed. It could be a mix of both Pomeranian and husky health problems, and it may be different in each litter. It is safe to have the pomsky puppies in for regular check-ups throughout their life to ensure the health of the pomsky. NO chronic health problems have been found yet in the pomsky breed. 


6. Do you have a website or Facebook page? How do you plan on advertising your puppies?


Roy Ranch has a Facebook page that we keep updated on the new litters and facts about the breed. We are going to be launching our website within the month, we just have a few more pages to add. Puppies will mainly be sold off of our website, Facebook, and word of mouth. If we do not have a puppy sold by the eighth week, we will put them in the big newspapers around us, such as Denver, Rapid City, Kansas City etc. 

7. Are you part of any other groups you would like to inform us of?


We are not currently members of the AKC and APRA, however, our females and males are registered under those two associations. It is imperative that we register our pomsky puppies so that our adoptive owners know that they are receiving quality designer dogs. We strive to provide the best genetics and being members of the IPA to further the genetic guarantee of our puppies as well as enhance the reputability of the Pomsky designer breed. 

8.  Do you have any experience in other breeds in the past, or plan to breed other breeds in the future?


Roy Ranch has been a breeder of AQHA Quarter Horses and Black Angus cattle for the past 30 years. We have no other experience with different breeds of dogs. We rescued a Siberian Husky from the humane society nine years ago and fell in love with the breed. As it grew closer to the end of his days we bought a female Siberian Husky to put a little youth in his life. We had discussed breeding her due to the fact that she is a prime example of the breed. However, we did our research and found how overbred huskies were and that’s when the idea of pomskies blossomed. Not only are pomskies rare, but it gave another jewel of quality to the ranch. We strive to ensure the excellence and incomparability of every animal that is born and raised on the ranch. As of now, we have no intentions of breeding another breed variety.

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